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Year: 2020

Prof. Mishra Interviewed Dec. 11, 2020

Fecal Bacteria Abundant in Ganga Ahead of Magh Mela Kanchan Srivastava December 11 2020 Shot By Ashvani Singh On Kartik Purnima, 29 November, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in his constituency Varanasi to preside over the Dev Deepavali festival at the ghats of Ganga river. Amid pomp and show, no one talked about the falling […]


Ganga ji during lockdown

Lockdown and Clean-Ganga There was widespread media news about Ganga ji becoming clean during the period of complete lockdown due to covid pandemic in India. Sankat Mochan Foundation (SMF) monitored the Ganga water quality along the religious bathing area of Ganga in Varanasi to find out the impact of complete lockdown on Ganga water quality. […]


Ganga Water Quality on 6th March 2020

Ganga Water Quality along the Religious Bathing Area of Varanasi 6th March 2020               Locations TW pH TDS DO(mg/l) BOD(mg/l) FCC/100ml Samne Ghat 25 8.2 241 7.2 5.4 43000 Narayan Ghat 25 8.2 240 7.4 4.0 22000 Nagwa 25 8.0 330 3.6 42.0 37000000 Tulsi ghat 25 8.1 295 6.8 6.2 52000 Shivala ghat […]