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Pollution of Ganga

Ganga which is the life line of millions of people and of great religious significance is being polluted by both domestic sewage and industrial pollutants that are being dumped in to the river untreated. This causes health hazard for over 400 million people who directly and indirectly use …

About us

The comprehensive plan was made at the request of Varanasi Nagar Nigam (VNN) as an alternative to the Govt’s Ganga Action Plan (run between 1986-1994) and to satisfy the objectives of Ganga Action Plan (GAP) launched in Varanasi in 1986 by Hon’ble Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi Ji.

Our Vision & Mission

Society committed to clean Ganga ji. Comprising of active and committed members of the society, university professors, practicing religious people, poets, student representatives and friends of Ganga ji all over the world SMF is well respected for its work to clean Ganga ji at Varanasi.

This Week Water Quality

Ganga water Quality along the religious bathing area of Ganga in Varanasi 

Quotes from Mahanth Ji

Please consider them an endangered species, these people who still have this faith, this living relationship with the river. If birds can be saved, if plants can be saved, let this species of people be saved by granting them holy water”
Science and technology are one bank of the river, and religion, tradition and faith are the other bank of the river. Both the banks need to be firm, and only then can the river maintain the flow.
This is not visionary, it is simply essential (Regarding cleaning of River Ganga)

This is not visionary, it is simply essential (Regarding cleaning of River Ganga)