Sankat Mochan Foundation
Not a drop of Sewage water in Ganga

Year Milestones

SMF founded by a group of citizens and engineers of Varanasi lead by Prof. Veer Bhadra Mishra

1983 SMF launches the Swatcha Ganga (Clean Ganges) Campaign, a public education program for raising the awareness about the pollution of Ganga
1986 Ganga Action Plan (GAP) launched by the Government. Varanasi GAP Phase I includes construction of three sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and electric crematorium at Varanasi. But GAP was a complete failure due to high levels of corruption and poor design stratergy
1992 SMF and friends of the Ganges (FOG) USA, organize an International Conference on "Pollution Control in River Cities of India: A case study of Ganga at Varanasi" at Tulsi Ghat. Experts from US and Sweden also participate.
1993 The Swatcha Ganga Research Laboratory (SGRL) established with support od Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SNF), laboratory data establishes the inefficiency of GAP Phase I schems. This state-of-art laboratory produces a reliable data base.
1996 SMF proposes interceptor sewers along Ganga and Varuna rivers and AIWPS type of sewage treatment scheme for Varanasi.
1997 A detailed report on "Feasibility Study of Interceptor Sewers and AIWPS Technology for Prevention of Pollution of Ganga at Vatranasi" prepared jointly by SMF and Oswald-Green LLC recommended and submitted by the Varanasi Municipal Corporation (VNN), to the Government for GAP Phase-II.
1998 "Swatcha Ganga Environmental Education Centre" a joint initiative of SMF and Oz-GREEN/FOG, Australia established at Tulsighat.
1999 Continuing efforts to educate local and national Government as to the advatages of appropriate and sustainable sewage treatment.
2000 Extension of the environmental education proramme and initiation of clean drinking water project in villages in collaboration with Oz-GREEN, Australia.

US President Bill Clinton praises the Swatcha Ganga Campaign in his speech at Agra in India

2001 Three year Project "Addressing Ganga's Pollution at Varanasi with change in social habits and use through awareness, mobilization and information dissemination" launched with support from SIDA, Sweden
2002 Active Collaboration established between cleanup campaigners of the "River Thames" in London and the Ganga in India

Civil Society Partnership Program (CSPP) launched by SMF, with support from the Asia Foundation, San Francisco, United States Asia Environmental Program "Adopt a Ghat" program launched. Schools and other local institutions come forth to aopt the world famous historical Ghats at the Ganga's bank to maintain their cleanliness with support from SIDA

2003 SMF and Oz-GREEN, Australia jointly organize International Students Congress. Participants from Australia, Bangladesh and many schools from Indian cities participated and decided their action plan for pollution abatement
2004 "Clean Ganga - Clean Ghat" a collaborative demonstration project implemented with support of British High Commission, New Delhi

Under SIDA project Clean Ganga Conclave at Tulsighat

Under CSPP Clean Ganga Day organized at New Delhi


SMF & Oz-GREEN organize 3rd International Students Congress MoU signed between Times Foundation, K.K. Jajodia Foundation and Art of Living Foundation for the Holy Ganga Initiative Students from Australia and Sweden participate in World Environment Day celebration Clean Ganga Day organized in New Delhi MoU signed with Oxfam Svaraj for cleaning the River Ganga water front and ghats of Varanasi

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