Thank you for visiting the Official Sankat Mochan Foundation (SMF) website.

This website provides an overview of SMF’s more than 30 years of service for Ganga ji and the people of Varanasi, India. Since its inception in 1982 SMF has a mission – Not one drop of sewage in Ganga. In order to actualize this mission we have divided our activities into three fields of operation. First, we are committed to seeing the spiritual purity of Ganga reflected in the river’s physical purity. We have proposed an innovative wastewater management solution that would intercept and treat sewage from the city of Varanasi, so that it could not pollute this most sacred of rivers. Second, we conduct water quality research to hold the government and its contractors accountable for their actions. The Swatcha Ganga Research Laboratory is the only laboratory in Varanasi regularly monitoring water quality. Finally, we conduct many public outreach campaigns informing the public about environmental awareness. Annually we host three major events World Water Day, World Environment Day, and International Student’s Congress. We hope you will join us and support us in our cause!